This afternoon was bittersweet for those hitting up Axle Brewing Company in Ferndale. Patrons a plenty were gathered at the Livernois Taproom, enjoying pours of Axle’s delicious beers, and having a great time, but it was for the last time.

Earlier this month shortly after their two-year anniversary of their Livernois Taproom, Axle made the startling announcement that they were going to be closing the doors at the end of the month via Facebook.

They said they could “not see a clear path to profitability with the current cost structure and very lean margins on the distribution side of the business.” They said that the six months of road construction halted their momentum, as well.

The post was to the point yet transparent, which is something anyone can appreciate. No one was left in the dark, workers had time to find new jobs, and the community was provided with time to stop by the taproom and celebrate their memories and make a few new ones.

Axle Brewing Company was very much alive and vibrant this afternoon and evening.

The kitchen was open for the last brunch from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. When the kitchen began cleaning up, Ruckus Taco Co’s food truck was parked outside offering patrons tasty tacos to enjoy with their last few pints of Axle’s fine brew.

Speaking of Axle’s fine liquid, there were 14 on tap today with crowlers available to go, along with a few bottles in the fridge for carry out.

Owner, Dan Riley, visited with patrons and friends both in the taproom and on the patio. A summer breeze wafted through the large, open doors and Dan’s smile was as bright as the sun on the perfect summer day. He and his crew were in high spirits.

Today’s event was referred to as the “Last Call for Now” since the Facebook announcement. Posters around the beer hall and the staff’s t-shirt’s repeated this saying, too, which caused a buzz with patrons. What will be next for Axle Brewing Co’s space? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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We at Better on Draft wish Dan, Axle Brewing Company, and those who have graced its doors the best. Cheers!