Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Beer Review – Edelbrau Brewing Company – Helles

Edelbrau Brewing Company's Helles transported Dani back to September 2017 and her Oktoberfest trip in Munich.

Beer Review – DeHop’s Brewing Company and Café – State of MIPA

Hey there, sports fans! Welcome to a beer review combining featuring the State of MI Sports podcast and DeHop's Brewing Company & Café.

Beer Review – Northern Oak Brewery – NOB Light

Ed's beer adventures took him to Northern Oak Brewery in Holly, MI. He recommends their NOB Light. See why in this beer review!

Beer Review – Fenton Winery & Brewery – Swingin’ Berries

Fenton Winery & Brewery is one of Ed's favorite places to visit. Check out his review of the fusion beer concoction, Swingin' Berries.

Beer Review – Dead Bear Brewing Co – Maple Bacon Porter

Don't sleep on Dead Bear Brewing Co if you're ever passing through Grayling. The Maple Bacon Porter is worth the stop!

Beer Review – HomeGrown Brewing Company – Oxford Ale

Dani took a refreshing trip out of the city up to Oxford to check out HomeGrown Brewing Company. She can't recommend the Oxford Ale enough.

Beer Review – Tantrick Brewing Co – Craic Irish Red

Weasel highly recommends Tantrick Brewing Co's Craic Irish Red. He finds drinking one to be an enjoyable exploratory venture of an underappreciated style.

Beer Review – Ellison Brewing Co – 97.1 The Ticket Hazy Pale Ale

Will Ellison Brewing Co's 97.1 The Ticket Hazy Pale Ale live up to Dani's 97.1 nostalgic memories? Check out this beer review to see!

Beer Review – Brewery Terra Firma – Theodore Belgian Trippel

Weasel went a little off the main path to enjoy Brewery Terra Firma's newest Belgian Tripel, Theodore, on the farm where it all started.

Beer Review – Short’s Brewing Company w/ Central State Brewing – Internet Dating

Dani is thankful she doesn't have to worry about actual internet dating in 2020. She's happily married and recently enjoyed Internet Dating, a collab gose.

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Copper Hop Brewing Co's Old Old Wooden Ship is a solid cream ale with a subtle touch of ginger that rounded out an excellent summer of beers!

Beer Review – Witch’s Hat Brewing Co – That Woman

Lavender in beer is as polarizing as politics. Witch's Hat Brewing Co threw lavender and politics into an IPA with honey, That Woman.

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