Sunday, August 9, 2020

Freakin’ Flights – 313 Day

In other cities across the United States, March 13th is just another day, but in Detroit it is a day for celebration!

Freakin’ Flights – American IPAs (2018)

Calling all IPA lovers! It’s time to try a handful of new IPAs. This new blog feature will showcase ideal flights of specific types of...

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Beer Review – Tantrick Brewing Co – Craic Irish Red

Weasel highly recommends Tantrick Brewing Co's Craic Irish Red. He finds drinking one to be an enjoyable exploratory venture of an underappreciated style.

The List – Summer Clean 15 Festival of Beers

Ed had a summer beer festival of his own featuring 15 Michigan beers. Check out his rankings and detailed notes of each beer from the festival.
Drifa Brewing

Brewery Review – Drifa Brewing Company

Bill suggests giving Drifa Brewing Company a try if you are in the Marquette area. He stopped in last month and was very impressed.

New Michigan Beer Labels (August 2020)

TTB approved Michigan beer labels for August 2020 featuring Austin Brothers, Bell's, Dark Horse, Jolly Pumpkin, Odd Side Ales, Perrin, Short's, and more!

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