Better on Draft 133 – Axle Brewing and Ferndale PRIDE


The show starts off with Rob and Ken in studio talking about the beer they are drinking, and slowly but surly more people come in. Matt joins us and we talk about game shows, but he then surprises us with Dan Riley from AXLE Brewing coming into the studio to try a coney dog pate (yes), some of their delicious beer, and we continue the discussion about Ferndale PRIDE, bad reviews on yelp and Untappd, and what the future holds for Axle. We also discuss deals that are made and what happens when someone decides to go back on their deal, and we also discuss a little bit about the crazy little threats and insults thrown at AXLE’s way for being a supporter. Don’t forget to listen to us live every Friday at 7pm EST on We are also on your Spotify too!

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