Flagship Beers of Michigan

Welcome to Flagship Beers of Michigan!

What began as a nod to Flagship February has evolved into an ongoing resource to re-introduce and remind the craft beer community what each Michigan Craft Brewery’s* Flagship beers are. These are the first brew(s) a location had to offer, the go-to’s that kept the doors open, and/or been the most popular batches that put the brewery on the map!

Work, own, and/or brew at a brewery and notice something is incorrect or missing or your place isn’t on the list? Have your people contact our Flagship Beers of Michigan coordinator, Ed (ed.norton.betterondraft@gmail.com), and he’ll get it under control to make this as accurate as possible

If you are enjoying one of these beers during the month of February and on social media, tag the brewery and @betterondraft. Also use #MIFlagshipFebruary & #FlagshipFebruary.

Here are the breweries we’ve heard from, so far. Each brewery name links to their website. Check out the Michigan Brewery Map App or the Better on Draft Michigan Brewery Map for where to find them!

Cheers to the Flagship Beers of Michigan!

3 Gatos Brewery

  1. Minskin
  2. Maine Coon

5 Lakes Brewing Company

  1. Erie Stout
  2. Michigan IPA
  3. Superior Pale

Aberrant Ales

  1. Cream Ale
  2. American Amber Ale
  3. West Coast IPA

Albion Malleable Brewing Co

  1. Iron Lion: Blonde
  2. Proper Villains
  3. K-River Kolsch

Alpha Michigan Brewing Company

  1. Naughty School Girl
  2. Brule River Red
  3. Bears Cave IPA

Arbor Brewing Company

  1. Buzzsaw IPA
  2. Strawberry Blonde

Arctic Circle Brewing Company

  1. Green Eyed Bandit
  2. Comfort Food
  3. Ambitionz Az A

Atwater Brewery

  1. Dirty Blonde
  2. Vanilla Java Porter
  3. Better Life Choices IPA

Austin Brothers Beer Co

  1. 45’er IPA
  2. Woody Wheat

B. Nektar Meadery

  1. Zombie Killer
  2. Tuco-Style Freakout
  3. Necro

B.O.B.’s Brewery

  1. Peanut Butter Porter
  2. Robert the Barrel
  3. Saint John the Hoptist

BAD Brewing Company

  1. Hop Dancer IPA
  2. Belgian Trippel
  3. Chocolate Covered Coffee Brown

Baffin Brewing Company

  1. Mango Unchained IPA
  2. Bob Barley

Beards Brewery

  1. Luna
  2. Oh! The Citranity!
  3. Serendipity Porter

Bell’s Brewery

  1. Two Hearted Ale
  2. Amber Ale
  3. Lager of the Lakes

Brew Detroit

  1. Cerveza Delray

Brewery Vivant

  1. Farm Hand
  2. Hop Field
  3. Big Red Coq

Brown Iron Brewhouse

  1. Detroit Helles on Wheels
  2. Mood Changer

Cadillac Straits Brewing Company

  1. Tough Eddie

Cheboygan Brewing Company

  1. Blood Orange Honey
  2. Blueberry Cream Ale
  3. Lighthouse Amber

City Built Brewing Company

  1. Prague Underground
  2. Fifth Street Hooligans

Copper Hop Brewing Co

  1. Pint Break
  2. Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
  3. Hop Circles

Dark Horse Brewing Co.

  1. Crooked Tree
  2. Raspberry Ale
  3. Boffo Brown

Dearborn Brewing

  1. Model IP’A’

DeHops Brewing Company and Café

  1. Premium Lager
  2. Shadowbox
  3. Brahm’s Best

Dimes Brewhouse

  1. Dimond-Ale
  2. Ringer
  3. Pineapalium

Dragonmead Microbrewery

  1. Final Absolution
  2. Erik the Red
  3. Castlebrite Apricot Ale

Draught Horse Brewery

  1. The Foundation IPA
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
  3. Captain Blood Orange’s Hoptastic Voyage

Eastern Market Brewing Company

  1. Market Day IPA
  2. Elephant Juice
  3. White Coffee Stout

Ellison Brewery + Spirits

  1. Crescent Fresh
  2. Dawn Street
  3. Tiramisu Coffee Stout

Eternity Brewing

  1. Torn in Two
  2. Michigan Hopped, always on with changing hop variety

Farmington Brewing Co.

  1. Blood Orange Wheat
  2. 4C’z Slam

Five Shores Brewing

  1. All Five
  2. Haze Road
  3. Benzie Original

Founders Brewing Company

  1. All Day IPA
  2. Centennial IPA
  3. Solid Gold

Grand Armory Brewing Company

  1. Wheezin’ the Juice
  2. Crop Duster
  3. Nutter Your Business Stout

Griffin Claw Brewing Company

  1. Norm’s Raggedy Ass IPA
  2. Mr. Blue Sky
  3. Norm’s Gateway Session IPA

HomeGrown Brewing Company

  1. Oxford Ale
  2. Polly Ann Wit
  3. Ruck-a-Chuck IPA

Jolly Pumpkin

  1. Bam Bière
  2. Oro de Calabaza
  3. La Roja

Lansing Brewing Company

  1. Amber Cream Ale
  2. Angry Mayor IPA
  3. Peninsula Pils

Liberty Street Brewing Company

  1. Red Glare Amber Ale
  2. THE American IPA
  3. Starkweather Stout

Loaded Dice Brewery

  1. Hef’s Smoking Jacket

MiddleCoast Brewing Company

  1. GW’s Little White Lie
  2. Pen Hopper
  3. O’Porter House

Midland Brewing Company

  1. Copper Harbor Ale
  2. Arbuckle Cold Brew Coffee Stout

North Center Brewing Company

  1. Bobby English ESB
  2. Shipwrecked IPA
  3. Pain Killer Belgian Tripel

North Channel Brewing Co

  1. Manistee’s IPA
  2. Cap’n Piles
  3. Salt City Blonde

North Peak Brewing Company

  1. Diabolical IPA
  2. Siren
  3. Rambler

Odd Side Ales

  1. Bean Flicker
  2. Citra Pale Ale
  3. Original Dank Juice

Old Nation Brewing Co.

  1. M-43 N.E. India Pale Ale

One Well Brewing

  1. Xalapa
  2. Whoppy
  3. Sweet Water Street

Paddle Hard Brewing

  1. Marathon IPA
  2. H.U.P. All Night
  3. Milltown Java Porter

Perrin Brewing Co.

  1. Black Ale
  2. 98 Problems IPA
  3. Lil Griz

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company

  1. Walter BlondAle
  2. Shifting Sands
  3. Oatmeal Creme Pie (O.C.P.)

Raven Brewing & BBQ

  1. High Banks
  2. Purple Rain
  3. 13

Redwood Brewing Co.

  1. Cream Stout
  2. Brown Porter
  3. Munich Helles

Right Brain Brewery

  1. CEO Stout
  2. Northern Hawk Owl
  3. Concrete Dinosaur

River’s Edge Brewing Company

  1. Dirty Frank Stout
  2. Milford Pub Ale
  3. Mile Away IPA

Rochester Mills Beer Co

  1. Milkshake Stout
  2. Rochester Red Ale

Salt Springs Brewery

  1. Cashmere Zeppelin
  2. Blood Orange Hefeweizen
  3. Big Brown Bunny Porter

Saugatuck Brewing Company

  1. Neapolitan Milk Stout
  2. Oval Beach Blonde
  3. Bonfire Brown

Short’s Brewing Company

  1. Soft Parade
  2. Huma Lupa Licious
  3. Local’s Light

Snowbelt Brewing Co

  1. My Chest Hurts
  2. Holy Whit
  3. SunnySide Hop

Stormcloud Brewing Company

  1. Rainmaker Ale
  2. Whiled Away IPA

Tapistry Brewing Company

  1. Northern Trippin
  2. Mr. Orange
  3. Peck’s Porter

Tenacity Brewing

  1. Farmer’s Daughter IPA
  2. Basic Bitch
  3. Sassy Lassie

Thornapple Brewing Co.

  1. Brut Centurion IPA
  2. Brown Eyed Girl Brown Ale
  3. 6 ft Blonde Ale

Three Blondes Brewing

  1. Boom Boom Betty
  2. Trees and Seas

Thumb Brewery

  1. Quinn’s Irish Red Ale
  2. West Coast IPA
  3. Oatmeal Stout

Trail Point Brewing Company

  1. CIPApotamus
  2. Perk Ya Later
  3. Michigamber

Tri City Brewing

  1. Hell’s Half Mile
  2. Giant Slayer

TwoGuys Brewing

  1. BC Blonde
  2. Mosaic Quest
  3. TwoGuys IPA

Waypost Brewing Company

  1. House Lager
  2. Saison
  3. Farmhouse IPA

Witch’s Hat Brewing Company

  1. Train Hopper
  2. Three Kord Kolsch
  3. Defloured

Wolverine State Brewing Company

  1. Wolverine Premium Lager
  2. Gulo Gulo
  3. Barista

Woodward Avenue Brewers

  1. Woodward Avenue Blonde
  2. Nuclear Saturday
  3. Mudder’s Milk Stout

*Also including meaderies and cideries in Michigan.