Saturday, September 26, 2020

Beer Review – Grayton Beer Company – 30A Beach Blonde Ale

I wish I could say I have no idea how I ended up in Panama City Beach one night last week but the truth...

Beer Review – Tommyknocker Brewery – Maple Nut Brown

For the last few years, a generous client has been signing me up for 6-month subscriptions to Beer of the Month Club as a...

Beer Review – Mothfire Brewing Co – LoLo

Mothfire Brewing Co opened it's doors during the coronavirus pandemic and set the bar high with LoLo, a Lit Haze DDH IPA.

Beer Review – Wolverine State Brewing Co – Premium Lager

I’ve been terribly busy lately with work and adult life in general. I wanted to take it easy and reach for something that wouldn’t...

Beer Review – Founders Brewing Co – PC Pils

It's pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Pilsner. It's crisp and light, but of course, Founders put their own twist on the Pils by using American hops. The American hops give it just a little bit of a "bite" that is not characteristic of Pilsners.

Brewery Review – Lansing Brewing Company

The coolest place to be in the heart of the stadium district is how they bill themselves on their website. From what I saw...

Beer Review – Austin Brothers Beer Co – Dad Shoes Hazy IPA

Austin Brothers Beer Co's recent New England IPA offering was Dad Shoes Hazy IPA and it arrived just in time for Father's Day weekend!

Beer Review – Short’s Brewing Company – I Got 5 On It

The haze craze is great and I enjoy several of the unfiltered IPA's that have popped up locally. However, the characteristics that drew me...

Beer Review – Arbor Brewing Company – Uskratch Maibock

Last weekend while killing time before a show, I popped into Ann Arbor’s Arbor Brewing Company for a quick bite. In a strike of...

Beer Review – Jailhouse Brewing Company – Mugshot IPA

This is certainly one of the nicest IPA’s I’ve tasted.  Jailhouse Brewing’s Mug Shot IPA not only went down easy, tasted great and left...

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Hard Seltzer Summer – Founders Brewing Co – Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzers

Founders Brewing Co is sticking to it's "Brewed for Us" mentality with their Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer.

Beer Review – Copper Hop Brewing Co – Old Old Wooden Ship

Copper Hop Brewing Co's Old Old Wooden Ship is a solid cream ale with a subtle touch of ginger that rounded out an excellent summer of beers!

Beer Review – Witch’s Hat Brewing Co – That Woman

Lavender in beer is as polarizing as politics. Witch's Hat Brewing Co threw lavender and politics into an IPA with honey, That Woman.

Book Review – Professional Drinking by Jim Schleckser

Besides traveling, writing, and drinking beer, reading is another favorite hobby of mine. Traveling...

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