One summer afternoon, while enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze, I had a Bud Light Seltzer in my hand. I forgot which flavor I was drinking at the time, but I had an epiphany regarding this line of hard seltzers – Bud Light Seltzer is the most misleading name brand of hard seltzer I’ve had to date.

You and many other people have probably had this same line of thinking. If Bud Light is the lighter version of Budweiser, how does Bud Light Seltzer stack up in terms of macronutrients? And like the name says, how will it contain Bud Light?! Bud Light signed on their current spokesman, Post Malone, to promote the new product as a Super Bowl ad and answer a few of the initial questions I had.

According to healthline, Budweiser‘s macronutrient breakdown is 145 calories with 10.6 g carbs and 1.3 g protein. Bud Light‘s breakdown is 110 calories with 6.6 g carbs and 0.9 g protein. A can of Bud Light Seltzer is 100 calories with 2 g carbs and 0 g protein. I can confirm that there is not a drop of Bud Light in these cans, but there is alcohol. Compared to Budweiser (5%) and Bud Light (4.2%), Bud Light Seltzer is 5% and now proves to be a misnomer in more ways than one.

It looks like the Bud Light Seltzer marketing team was prepared for my smart ass analysis with a set of their own with answers on the back of the box.

The four flavors available are mango, black cherry, lemon lime, and strawberry. All four were fairly good in terms of taste and refreshing elements typical of a hard seltzer. The mango and black cherry flavors were straightforward and an exact match of fruity tastes. The lemon lime reminded me of a Sprite in seltzer form. The strawberry hard seltzer was strong from the beginning to the end.

I did a bit of reading and it turns out Bud Light Seltzer is AB InBev’s second attempt in the hard seltzer market with Bon and V!v (formerly known as Bon & Viv) being their first. It looks like Bon & V!v has more flavors but I also see some crossover between the two with three of the same flavors, at least in name, – mango, black cherry, and lemon lime.

I can’t vouch for the Bon & V!v line at this time, but the Bud Light Seltzers are a good entry point for the hard seltzer game. Each flavor is basic, consistent, and refreshing. Whether you’re grabbing a 12 pack or tall boy (25 ouncer) this summer, you will find a decent hard seltzer.