What does an underwear company have to do with alcohol? If you’d asked me a month ago, I would have said nothing (or at least nothing more than a joke), but now I’d have a different answer. Shinesty, the self-described “Home of Ball Hammock Pouch Underwear,” made the unusual decision to release its own line of Hard Seltzers called Mummy’s Milk.

While I’m not an immediate fan of Hard Seltzers, I am a curious individual who likes to try new things. Shinesty graciously sent me the collection of three to try out. I have to say these are the best Hard Seltzers I’ve ever had from an underwear company.

The collection has three distinct flavors that have hilarious names and descriptions on the back, including:

Of the three, Jack O’Liquid was my favorite.

Right from the pour, I noticed the aggressive fizz of the Hard Seltzer, along with a watered-down apple juice-like color. There wasn’t much to its aroma though I picked up a hint of the sweet mango. On the tasting, the mango provided just enough sweet and ripe flavor to offset the extreme fizz. It drank well and left me feeling satisfied without being full.

I did find it a bit confusing why they gave a pumpkin-themed drink a mango flavor, but I’m not regretting their choice. It was a good Hard Seltzer.

Hard Seltzers aren’t the norm for a clothing company, but if you look into Shinesty’s sense of humor and marketing, you’ll find what they’ve tried to do here make sense for them. The Jack O’Liquid is worth checking out if you like Hard Seltzers or are simply a fan of unique things.

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the article, Zach received these Hard Seltzers from Shinesty for review.

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By ZachV

Zach VanderGraaff is a mild-mannered beer lover with a kick-butt wife and three young boys at home (thus, the need for beer!). He loves a good Hefeweizen or a New England IPA but won’t shy away from trying (and over-analyzing) every beer he can get his hands on. A craft beer enthusiast and Michigan native, he also enjoys playing his tuba with German bands during Oktoberfest at different breweries around the state (yes, this means he has real leather lederhosen, and no, you can’t borrow them).

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