July 9th UPDATE: Ed finally got his hands on the Cucumber Lime Hard Seltzer and has added his thoughts to the post!

Here’s the first hard seltzer review for Hard Seltzer Summer and it is from a microbrewery. I’m curious about the differences between micro and macro brands.

The first hard seltzer to officially try is from the great state of Michigan! MiddleCoast Brewing Company out of Traverse City launched their hard seltzer line this summer and it has been flying off of store shelves within their distribution footprint.

If you’re still unfamiliar with MiddleCoast, like the worker at the bottle shop where I found a few cans, it’s time to get on board! MiddleCoast Brewing Company was formerly known as Monkey Fist Brewing Company. Throughout the year the beers on store shelves still said Monkey Fist, so I can see where a bit of the confusion may have been coming from. I think all of these cans have been used and MiddleCoast is here to stay!

Their hard seltzer line is made up of three flavors – TartSweet Cherry, Cucumber Lime, and Cranberry Grapefruit. All boast that they are made with 100% natural Michigan ingredients, are gluten free, and have 5% ABV. The Cucumber Lime and Cranberry Grapefruit are 100 calories, while the TartSweet Cherry is 109 calories. The macro breakdown per each 12 oz can is 0g fat, 0g carbs, and 0g of protein.

Photo Credit – MiddleCoast Brewing Company

Out of the three, my favorite was Cranberry Grapefruit. The TartSweet Cherry was light in the cherry department yet the Cucumber Lime was a close second to the Cranberry Grapefruit. The lime was strong and the cucumber was subtle. All three make for an excellent variety from MiddleCoast.

I’m a much bigger fan of cherry-flavored anything rather than cranberry or grapefruit. Surprisingly, the tart cranberry and dry grapefruit worked extremely well together in this hard seltzer and provided subtle flavor lingered after each sip yet was refreshing. I’m going to guess that “refreshing” is a theme within hard seltzers though, so it checked that box. I would recommend this hard seltzer to someone looking for a lightly flavored hard seltzer or a mixer for your summer beverages.


Disclaimer: Ed purchased this hard seltzer for this review.

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By Ed Norton

Edwin "Ed" Norton was first introduced to craft beer when his designated fraternity Big Brother Vince asked him if he knew anything about the topic. Ed admitted his ignorance and the rest is history as Ed and Vince would split six-packs of craft beers each week during Ed's probationary status. Ed is now a craft beer enthusiast who is always on the lookout for a beer he has not tried when bottle shopping or drinking at breweries and bars. In addition to drinking beer, this livelong Michigan resident enjoys a bunch of hobbies that he doubts you really care about, other than drinking beer and sounding off about it.

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