North Center Brewing Company
Style: ESB
ABV: 6.2
7 Stars

Who the hell is Bobby English?!

It turns out Bobby English is one of the flagship beers at North Center Brewing Company. I think “Bobby English” is an interesting name for a beer and it sounds like there may be a bit of a story behind it. I set out to figure out more about Bobby English recently.

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Bobby English is an ESB style beer. ESB stands for “extra special bitter” and aims to be a balance between the malts and hops used in it. Unfortunately, ESBs tend to turn a lot of people off, but the thing is ESBs tend to not be bitter at all, including Bobby English.

Bobby English ESB was dark red right out of the can. I was expecting it to be malty, but I found North Center’s ESB played to the crowd looking for a break from bready beer. It was caramelly and sweet with each sip. The backend and aftertaste of the beer had a subtle malty taste.

As for the beer’s rating, this one is a solid ESB and does not have anything extra. It is a true flagship for the brewery and the style. North Center Brewing Company always says, “If you like it, it’s a good beer.” I like this one, so it’s a good beer that you should try during this Flagship February!

If you’re looking for the story regarding who Bobby English is, head over to North Center Brewing Company in Northville and ask for Kevin DeGrood, North Center’s owner, and he will tell you. It’s a good story.


Disclaimers: North Center Brewing Company is one of Better on Draft’s sponsors and we greatly appreciate their support. Shout out to Kevin and his team at North Center for ensuring that I had the freshest beer possible for this review.