Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summer.

    Many events and activities are kicking off that indicate fall is here! School supply aisles in the grocery store are being replaced with Halloween candy and decorations. Temperatures will start to cool down and the daylight will be shorter and shorter. FOOTBALL IS BACK!

    People have also started to play the infamous Green Day tune “Wake Me Up When September Ends” off of American Idiot.

    Summer has come and past…


    Amongst all of these fine traditions, there is also the tradition of not wearing white after Labor Day. Many call it a fashion faux pas, while others think it’s up for debate.


    In the beer world, I believe it is a drinking faux pas to drink Oberon after Labor Day. Here’s why:

    March in Michigan sucks. It’s dreary and cold and the charm of snow has worn off.

    But, at the end of March a little glimmer of hope appears – Bell’s Oberon!

    Oberon’s unique wheat taste and bright blue and orange packaging with a depiction of the sun allow the drinker to see into the future for warmer days, fun activities with family and friends, and summer!

    In 1997, Bell’s changed the name of their Sol Sun beer to Oberon. Both versions of this American wheat ale have been sought after by Michiganders and friends seeking refuge from winter’s grasp. Bell’s even states that Oberon is “the color and scent of a sunny afternoon” aka SUMMER!

    According to the officials who hold the calendar, summer doesn’t until the latter half of the month with the Fall Equinox, so some may same that there is still time to drink up. Good luck finding any more because Bell’s stopped distributing at the end of August. Who knows how long those mini kegs have been sitting on the shelves.

    To me, Oberon means summer and summer is over, so it’s time to stop drinking Oberon … until next year!