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The 2019 Detroit Fall Beer Festival will be taking place at the historic Eastern Market on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26. Tickets are still available for this beer festival featuring 130 breweries and 850 beers.

With the Michigan Brewer’s Guild making the beer list live for the 2019 Detroit Fall Beer Festival, we wanted to give our two cents about what beers you should try on one of the two days. Yes, one of the two days. The following brews should be available per the list the public has been provided.

Better on Draft hosts will be pouring for both ROAK Brewing Co. and Ellison Brewery and Spirits, so stop by and say, “Hello!” to them as you either work through this list or sample on your own journey.

The following list is in reverse order, so take a gander at the brews we’ve selected for you to check out.

Honorable Mention – Dees Bees Knees Lemon Honey Ale – Eastern Market Brewing Co. (2515 Riopelle St, Detroit*)

The home turf brewery of the festival snagged the top spot on this list of beers to try at the Detroit Fall Beer Festival prior to this updated list. We’re still going to feature this delicious sounding brew because you can still obtain it. Eastern Market Brewing Co is located within feet from the festival so you can still snag this brew that used honey from Bees in the D and is sweet. This honey ale is a ray of sunshine that is a near match to a bees knees cocktail.

*Google Maps reports that EMBC is a 6-7 minute walk from the entrance of the festival

Photo Credit – Frankenmuth Brewery

20. Christmas Town Ale – Frankenmuth Brewery (SHED 5)

Cue the haters! I’m starting off the Detroit FALL Beer Festival list with a Christmas Ale. I’m a purist who believes in celebrating the holidays in order by month October – November – December, but after talking with a few reps in the industry, November 1 is the opening day of Christmas beers on store market shelves, so this beer is, technically, a sneak peak. Thanks, Frankenmuth Brewery, for the access to your infamous Christmas Town Ale.

19. Label Up – The Mitten Brewing Company (GRASSY PATCH)

The Mitten Brewing Company is well known throughout the West Michigan for their beers and pizza being dynamite. When I heard they were bringing a malty brown ale brewed with maple and pecans, I almost died and went to heaven. Label Up sounds like a dessert beer, so I’m not sure if I should end with it or run over to it before it’s all gone on Saturday!

Photo Credit – San Francisco Chronicle

18. Zodiac Keller – North Pier Brewing Company (TENT 4)

I’m a sucker for punny beer names, so when I saw North Pier was bringing a play-on-words Kellerbier with a nod to the infamous Zodiac Killer, I had to bite. Don’t be alarmed if your beer has suspended bits within the brew. That’s just the vitamins and leftover yeast that the style of beer is known for. Sounds like the beer is just as up in the air as the case.

Afternoon Tea, 1886 | Photo Credit – NPR

17. Hold the Crumpets! English Mild – Railtown Brewing Company (SHED 5)

When I read this beer’s name, I thought of an elderly British woman shouting it out prior to tea time in Victorian England. Railtown Brewing Company‘s Hold the Crumpets! is an English mild that is rich and malty and brewed with earl grey tea. Sounds like it is going to be smooth and silky for those giving it a try.

Photo Credit – ROAK Brewing Co

16. Golden Stout – ROAK Brewing Co (TENT 1)

A golden stout, you say? Hmm…this one intrigues me, ROAK. Without much details out there on this creation, I’m probably going to venture over to the ROAK booth to find out what this one is all about. A light looking lager with stout characteristics? A stereotypical stout with bright, golden notes? We’ll have to see.

Photo Credit – Brewery Becker

15. West Coaster IPA – Brewery Becker (TENT 4)

We love promoting Brewery Becker, especially because they are the only brewery who deglutenizes their beer. Until another brewery latches on to this idea, we’re going to continue to feature a Brewery Becker beer on our “try lists”. The West Coaster from is going to be a good comparison beer to all the other IPAs hop heads will be trying.

14. Sportsball Contest Watching Drink – Grand Rapids Brewing Co (TENT 1)

Sports. Love them or hate them, people are going to obsess over them. Hats off to Grand Rapids Brewing Co. for acknowledging the need to have a solid brew in your hand while cheering for favorites, booing at rivals, and cursing the officiating crew. This light, crisp lager may provide you with a nice break to all of the heavy or hoppy beers Detroit Fall Beer Festival has to offer, too.

Photo Credit – Mr. Food

13. Meat + Potato – Dragonmead Microbrewery (SHED 5)

Meat and potatoes are the perfect companions to an evening or afternoon of drinking. I’m happy that Dragonmead had everyone’s best interest in mind. From what I’m hearing about this Berliner Weisse, it tastes exactly like it sounds, which is mind blowing!

12. Did You Just Tart? Raspberry – Brooks Brewing (TENT 4)

Everybody loves a good, punny fart joke unless it’s a shart joke. Regardless, Brooks Brewing is showcasing one of its variants to it’s Did You Just Tart? sours line. If you’re a loyal fan of the brewery and have tried the other flavors – blueberry, mango, black cherry, guava, pomegranate, cranberry, etc. – you’ll have to see how the raspberry one stacks up or give it a whirl for the first time.

Photo Credit – Arbor Brewing Company

11.Triple Stone ESB – Arbor Brewing Company (IN-BETWEENERS)

The Triple Stone ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is a rare beer style in the wild world of beer. Save a token for Arbor Brewing Company‘s version of it. This beer brings a different mouthfeel because it is served slightly carbonated yet is strong and hoppy.

10. Squirrel Smuggler – Albion Malleable Brewing Co (IN-BETWEENERS)

Albion Malleable has not disclosed what the squirrels are smuggling down in Albion. They have produced the Squirrel Smuggler that is “black as oil” with an earthy smell from the hops that are used. If you are looking to explore the wooded areas of mid-Michigan within the city of Detroit, give Albion Malleable’s fall brew a try!

9. Bad Romance – Stiggs Brewing Co (TENT 6)

Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah / Roma-roma-ma / Gaga, ooh la-la / Want your bad romance, Stiggs Brewing Co! Fans of a piney, spicy brew should flock to the Stigg Brewing Co booth to check out this Red IPA. I dare you to sing a little Lady Gaga when you drink this one.

Photo Credit – Midland Brewing Company’s celebratory 2019 GABF Instagram post @midlandbrewingcompany

8. One Night in Bangkok Tangerine/Basil Smoothie IPA – Midland Brewing Company (TENT 4)

One Night in Bangkok is the 2019 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal winner in the Herb and Spice Beer category. Need I say more about trying this one out? Besides the awards, Midland Brewing Company‘s Smoothie IPA is unique and it will give your taste buds something to talk about both at the festival and at the water cooler on Monday.

Photo Credit – Evil Demon Blood

7. Demon’s Blood – North Center Brewing (TENT 4)

Better on Draft’s sponsor, North Center Brewing, is playing into the Halloween theme with their Demon’s Blood. Skip the vampires, and come over to the dark side with the blood of demons. This Double / Imperial Red IPA promises to be rich in hops and malts. It has a low ABV, so be careful with this demonic-themed brew.

6. Chubby Squirrel – Right Brain Brewery (TENT 2)

In case you missed it, Right Brain Brewery recently announced that they will remain independent. Check out their pledge to keep beer curious and give Chubby Squirrel a whirl. This spiced amber ale will give those looking to enjoy fall a nice alternative to all the pumpkin beers! Truly a delicious and curious beer!

Photo Credit – Food Network

5. Pumpkin Bread Hefeweizen – Sherwood Brewing Company (GRASSY AREA)

I had the chance to try this beer from Sherwood Brewing Company at the 4th Annual Brew and Fall Fest last weekend at Jimmy Johns Field in Utica. The Pumpkin Bread Hefeweizen is light and has a perfect combination of fall spices and pumpkin. It’s an easy drinking beer to sip on as we transition between the summer and fall weather and months.

Photo Credit – Beer of the Day

4. Tiramisu Stout – Ellison Brewery + Spirits (TENT 6)

Ellison Brewery + Spirits just celebrated four years and they are going places. Stop by their booth to give the rich and sweet Tiramisu Stout a try or revisit it if you’ve had it in the past. It is to die for and is one that you will hold onto throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Photo Credit – Pure Michigan

3. Pure Michigan Autumn IPA – Short’s Brewing Co (TENT 2)

Pure Michigan ads are well known throughout the state of Michigan and nationwide. Tim Allen’s voice is just as iconic as the picturesque images the commercials use. Short’s Brewing Company snagging the Pure Michigan and combining it with the best season, autumn, in IPA form is genius. I’m looking forward to raising my taster glass to our fine state with this brew inside of it.

Photo Credit – Pigeon Hill Brewing Company

2. O.P.P. (Oatmeal Pumpkin Pie) – Pigeon Hill Brewing Co (TENT 4)

I’m very excited for the amount of pumpkin beers featured at this festival! Besides the two on this list, plenty of breweries got the memo about a fall beer fest having pumpkin beers.

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company‘s O.C.P. (Oatmeal Creme Pie) is already full of delicious fall spices along with the subtle cream holding it all together. The pumpkin pie twist just in time for fall will make O.P.P. (Oatmeal Pumpkin Pie) is going epic! There is no special release with this one, so grab it as you meander throughout the festival.

Photo Credit – SEEN the Magazine

1. DICKSMASHER in the Rye – Batch Brewing (SHED 5)

DICKSMASHER is an imperial stout that packs a punch large enough to, well, you know… Batch Brewing took this epic stout and threw it in Catcher’s Rye barrels from Two James Spirits and let it sit for a year. The result is DICKSMASHER in the Rye with remnant flavor from the whiskey barrels combining with the already rich, potent brew. Can’t wait to sip on this one.

What do you think of the list? What beers are you looking forward to at the 2019 Detroit Fall Beer Festival?




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