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UPDATED on August 6 regarding the Beer Trail’s prize.

UPDATED on August 5 regarding consumption clarification.

The Greater Lansing Brewers are back with another Greater Lansing Beer Trail month-long event for August 2021!

As they did in February of 2021, the Greater Lansing Brewers have put together a list of breweries in the greater Lansing area to go to, buy beer from, and get a card signed by a bartender. There are a few changes to this event than what was done in February.

During February’s beer trail, patrons could drink on site or buy beer to go. The same goes for August’s Beer Trail. Patrons can order and take out beer to go or enjoy at least one beer on site depending on the brewery’s hours and current set up.

The other twist to the beer trail is locating secret words to decode a message. Each brewery will have “a hidden word somewhere on the brewery property” according to the month-long beer trail’s Facebook event. This seemed like a daunting task to do, but, thankfully, a few breweries have noted on social media that each brewery’s secret word will be on a hidden gnome.

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The prize for completing the card with dates/initials and decoding the message with the secret word is an insulated beer tote. Sounds like a fun companion for future beer adventures! Bravo, Greater Lansing Brewers!

What is known though is that breweries have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. They need our support and patience as they continue to reopen and resume a sense of normalcy.

The breweries participating in the August 2021 Greater Lansing Beer Trail are:

The Michigan Brewery Map app is a solid way to check out the breweries before actually checking them out. With accurate locations, links to social media accounts, and a place to keep personal notes, this app is ideal for everyone to use both for August’s Greater Lansing Beer Trail and anytime after that, if you’re not already.

See you on the Greater Lansing Beer Trail!


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