With almost weekly trips to the 616 area code, I’ve been stopping at as many new-to-me breweries and bottle shops that my time and wallet can handle. Last week’s Grand Rapids trip to be on the State of MI Sports podcast at Lost Art Brewhouse led me to making a pit stop to Trail Point Brewing Company in Allendale.

I looked online at their beer menu ahead of time and saw that they had a piña colada hard seltzer. I reached out to Greg Evans, co-owner and CIO of Trail Point, to see if there were more hard seltzers up the brewery’s sleeves. He informed me that the brewery has done five different flavors so far with one or two available at a time. Trail Point’s been paying attention to “gauge if seltzer drinkers will drink any seltzer or if the flavor has a big impact on sales.” This craft beer drinker and part-time hard seltzer drinker clearly falls into the first camp as I’m trying to see what the fuss is all about with my Hard Seltzer Summer.

He also told me that the summer seasonal hard seltzers are only available in the taproom. They are sold in a 4-pack of 16 oz cans and are canned directly from on draft.

In my opinion, piña colada can be a toss-up flavor in terms of whether or not there is a fair balance between the tropical pineapple and coconut flavors. Trail Point Brewing Company hit the nail on the head with their version. When poured into a glass, it was not just a clear liquid. There was a subtle golden hue to it. The hard seltzer was smooth, had a soft mouthfeel, and had a flavorful taste that reminded me of a tropical paradise. The ABV was 5.5% and the macronutrient breakdown was 0g fat and protein and 3 g carbs totaling up to roughly 100 calories. This breakdown is the same for all of Trail Point’s flavors of the 616 hard seltzers.

If you’re in the greater Grand Rapids area and looking for a hard seltzer that you can’t find in stores, stop by Trail Point Brewing Company in Allendale for their delicious hard seltzers.