Hard Seltzer Summer continues with a look at a macro brand of hard seltzers!

*Cue the Corona jokes*

This week’s macro hard seltzer selection was Corona from Grupo Modelo, one of the breweries owned by Constellation Brands. The hard seltzer line was just released this past spring, so it’s fresh to the growing market of hard seltzers for me to try. Despite the negative press regarding the inaccurate connection between coronavirus and Corona products, I heard from a handful of people who had already enjoyed the beverages that these hard seltzers were flavorful and fruity.

The hard seltzers were available in a 12-can variety pack. The variety pack included four flavors – Blackberry Lime, Cherry, Mango, and Tropical Lime. The macronutrient breakdown for each can was the exact same – 0g fat, 0g carbohydrates, and 0g protein. Each can was 90 calories, gluten-free, and 4.5% ABV.

I noticed the cans read “spiked sparkling water” which explains how and why the drinking experience for all of the flavors was similar to drinking Bubly. Each had a fair amount of flavor and carbonation. The frontrunners in the variety pack were Mango and Blackberry Lime, but Blackberry Lime was my ultimate favorite.

I found the Blackberry Lime to be a more unique taste than the Tropical Lime. The blackberry was present in the nose and front end and it allowed the citrusy lime to move right in and finish the hard seltzer off nicely.

I would highly recommend the Corona hard seltzers to people looking for a quick grab at the party or grocery store for a summertime get together (with proper social distancing and mask-wearing, of course!) or if they want to see what the Corona line of hard seltzers is all about.


Disclaimer: Ed purchased this hard seltzer for this review.