When I attended college, I never took a class earlier than 11:00 am. How did you do that, Patti? Well, I got up early and stood in line at the Registrar’s office because that was how we did things back then. My reasoning was that it would be easier getting up early one day to get coveted class times; I was right. I knew I would have to get up early the rest of my life, so I wanted to enjoy sleeping in while it lasted because I knew getting up early would suck; I was right.

Until I began working in the “real world”, I never really gave caffeine much of a thought. I enjoyed Diet Pepsi and Water Joe while in law school, but I didn’t need them. That all changed when I had a job that necessitated getting up at 6:30 am. I had to try something. After going through a phase where I drank those sugary machine cappuccinos and another phase where I drank chai tea lattes, I finally settled on coffee.

Monday coffee is important to me because Mondays are not my best days. In honor of Dry January, I have been trying different caffeinated ways to rouse myself. This past Monday, I tried The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company‘s Cold Brew. I found it in convenient canned form and chilled it before its triumphant debut.

Normally, I have about 24 ounces of coffee first thing on Monday. Since cold brew coffee is stronger than regular coffee, I only drank the 12 ounce can. I put it over ice and added half and half. It had a nice roasted flavor with subtle fruity notes. The caffeine jolted me awake and kept me going until my after lunch slump. What more can you ask for on a cold Monday doing Zoom school all day?

I found my can of cold brew at my local Whole Foods, but you can find yours at dozens of locations in and around Michigan.

Disclaimer: Patti purchased her cold brew can for this review.

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