I feel like there’s only a window of 7 minutes and 36 seconds where coffee is at its ideal state of awesomeness. Before and after that time frame, the coffee is either way too hot or way too cold. I find cold brew coffee to be a better way to savor the flavor of a fine coffee without all of the fluctuation and has a great kick of caffeine as well.

With a resurgence of any and all things in cans, I’ve been noticing more and more cold brew wrapped around aluminum, huge win for the adventurer in me. One day while at the corner store located in Midtown, Marcus Market, I reached for a Strongbew Cold Brew Coffee. It caught my eye with the clean and easy branding. Upon further examination, Strongbrew is located in Traverse City, Michigan.

I cracked the can as I started to walk down Cass Ave, toward downtown. I needed a little pep in my step on that muggy January day as I inched closer to the end of Dry January. The first sip of coffee in the morning is always one to savor. Eyes perk as it slowly runs through your veins – it’s time to start the day.

What I enjoyed about Strongbrew was its simple take on one of my favorite beverages. It didn’t slap you with aggressive artificial coffee flavor which I have found in mass-produced cold brews. There was a ton of mellow chocolate, which was a beautiful touch. It was a little watery from what I like in a normal brew. I wondered if it was just this batch or part of the canning process.

Strongbrew has an array of other canned cold brews that I need to get my hands on, including a Chai Tea, Nitro, and CBD Infused. I’m a fan of dark roasts because of the robustness that comes with the style, so I look forward to trying their Nitro Cold Brew next.

Disclaimer: Chaz purchased this cold brew for the review.



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