One fine summer day, I found myself at RoosRoast Coffee‘s original location on South Industrial in Ann Arbor, MI mulling over my life choices and the happiness this little shop brought me. Oh the times I have had there! I am an early adopter of the Roos brand, going back to the days when John Roos had coffee classes at the Yellow Barn downtown. For $20, you had all the coffee you could drink plus his homemade muffins that defy description. To this day, I’m convinced he placed magical ingredients in them.

The coffee was the focus of those classes and learn about coffee we did! We learned everything from the different beans to how to roast them to the tastes offered by different brewing techniques. I always left those classes buzzing from both the newly acquired knowledge and copious amounts of coffee.

During one of the classes, I was blown away by the list of beverages. There were more choices than those I have on most election days. My eyes flitted over the pour overs, the lattes, the Rich French Neighbor, and landed on the one called an Ice Bomb which I realized meant cold brew coffee.

The process of cold brew coffee requires soaking beans in water for a long period of time in order to create a concentrate. The Ice Bomb came with a warning not to chug it because of the strength and caffeine levels of the brew. Sign me up! I followed the barista’s recommendation and “cut” the brew with ice and crew. The addition of these ingredients did not diminish that initial hit of caffeine in any way. My head buzzed pleasantly as I sipped what tasted like a creamy coffee milkshake. I was wide awake well into the evening.

Photo Credit – RoosRoast’s Facebook page

We could all use a hit of caffeine during this Dry January. RoosRoast’s Cold Brew will do the trick! The Ice Bombs are available in at the café and in 16 and 64 ounce jugs. RoosRoast products can be found at Arbor Farms, Argus Farm Stop, and in restaurants all over the Ann Arbor area.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that cold brew is for warm weather only. Just as we eat ice cream in December and hot soup in August, we can likewise enjoy these strong, heady caffeinated treats in January.


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