Brewery: Tilted Axis Brewing Company (Lapeer, MI)

My #OperationMIBrew adventures recently took me to the town of Lapeer and Tilted Axis Brewing Company. The Building, built in 1893 is pretty cool itself, but what they’ve created inside has made it a hot spot in Downtown Lapeer.

Decisions, Decisions.

My visit was on Memorial Day so I wasn’t sure if it would be crazy busy or dead as can be. Turns out I was right either way. When I arrived, I was the only person in the place. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, which kept me from being lonely. I mean one of them even offered to let me use their personal cell as a hotspot because they were having problems with the internet. You don’t get much friendlier than that!

All by Myseeeeelf… though it didn’t last long!

My flight included an American Wheat, a May Bock, a Milk Stout, an Imperial Stout, and a Big Heart Brown Ale. I though all of them were well done. The American Wheat was refreshing and the had great flavor. The Big heart brown didn’t look like a brown to me, but man was it tasty. I also got to try the Lapeer light, the MI Montmorency Cherry Wheat and the Leafy Hopper IPA. Believe it or not my favorite of the day was the Leafy Hopper IPA. Hoppy without the desire to scrape my tongue after is always a bonus in my book. Tilted Axis reopened last October with a new Brewer and from what I saw, the locals seem to be enjoying the change. By the time I left the place was packed with people. Some looking for a beer, some looking for a pizza and some just looking for a nice night out with the family.

Some Tasty Beers. I was offered the Soda flight. I’m sure it’s because I look so young!

Another recent change was the addition of the Lapeer Pizza Company to the Kitchen. I snacked on some delicious breadsticks while I was there, but saw a whole lot of pizza get served. The menu was pretty well rounded and reasonably priced. The crowd was an interesting mix. I was told they are adding Soda flights to the menu so that the kids that come in for dinner with their parents can have a flight too. While I’m personally not a fan of kids in bars, in a small-town situation where the Brewery has the best pizza in town serving up soda flights adds a nice family oriented touch to the place.

No action today. It is a day of remembrance after all.

All in all, I enjoyed my visit to the Tilted Axis. The staff was friendly, the food was good and the beer was a tasty treat. I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot (that has a lot to do with the staff too!) and I’d like to go back on a day where showers aren’t looming to enjoy that patio.

By Wendy

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