Brewery: Ozone's Brewhouse (Old Town, Lansing MI)

A trip to Lansing last weekend has revealed my favorite brewery that no one has heard of. To be fair, others have heard of Ozone’s Brewhouse. Actually, they even responded positively to my check in while I was there. So I guess I should say that you MAY have not have heard of. Regardless, I’m making sure that you have heard of them now!

A father and son operation, Ozone’s Brewhouse has been serving up Liquid Art to Old Town Lansing since August 2016. Though it’s a small space in a self-proclaimed butt ugly warehouse, the taproom is friendly and inviting. A cute little patio, bay doors that can be opened during good weather and a resident food truck that offers fantastic brick oven pizzas make for an enjoyable atmosphere.

When I arrived late Saturday afternoon, it was pretty busy, but there was still plenty of space to enjoy a flight. Of course I bellied up to the bar, pleased to find purse hooks and charging ports, to sample the “Art” I had read about on their website.

We tried a few of the mainstays. The Kryptonale is a cherry vanilla amber with a subtle flavor that kept me wanting another sip. The Vanilla kind of sneaks up on you in the aftertaste in a nice little treat. I though the porter was well done too. My favorite of the visit was the Belgian Dubbel, Sole Soul. All in all, the beer is well done. Some are to style and others show their creativity, which is something that I personally appreciate.

During the couple of hours, we were there the taproom steadily filled with people. By the time we had finished our pizza and flight, the place was packed. If you want a low key, friendly experience, head there early in the day. If you want a local hopping spot make sure to plan for a Friday or Sat evening. Either way, parking is minimal and it goes quick so be prepared. Don’t forget to check their website and/or facebook because they have daily events and specials too.

This little gem hidden in Old Town is a don’t miss in my book.

By Wendy

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  1. Ozone is a fabulous gem in Old Town Lansing. They have their usuals but are always coming up with new and tasty variations that keep you coming back for new surprises. And Detroit Frankie’s pizza is unbelievably tasty addition. Perfect combo.

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