According to their website Fetch is the distance wind travels across open water to create a wave. Their wave is beer. We were on our way to Bardic Wells in Montague last weekend when I saw the sign and knew we had to make an extra stop. “Stop trying to make Fetch happen” is probably the bane of their existence. I’ll be the first to admit I think of it every time I happen past their booth at Beer Fest. It doesn’t keep me from stopping in for a sample though and It sure didn’t stop the full house of people I ran across on my visit to the tap room.

The vault is pretty cool.

A unique venue in a Historic Bank, they’ve turned the vault into a sitting area with a really cool floor made of pennies that added a nice old fashioned feel to the space. Not a huge tap room, they have a few different sitting areas, and the beer gets brewed in the basement. Be warned, you will have to go to the bar to get your drinks. I can see how people might get annoyed when the taproom is at capacity, but the service I got was quick and efficient. The bartenders knew their stuff and were able to make suggestions for this indecisive beer girl. Even though the place was packed and there was some wait time, I didn’t feel like it took too long to get through the line and the staff didn’t rush through my order like I’ve run across in some other places.

I opted for the 4 sample flight. The Tree Stump Coffee Stout was my favorite, followed by the Corduroy Boy Brown. I wasn’t as big a fan of the red (Anger Management) but I was seriously impressed by Mad Swag, the

Triple IPA. My travel buddy was on the trip for the Mead, but she told me the Sunny Day cider was one of her favorites of the trip so far. All in all I’d say the choices were well rounded and definitely well made.

I think I may be caving to this IPA phase.

I really enjoyed the visit. The taproom was inviting and the staff was friendly. I didn’t get a chance to belly up to the bar since it was busy, so I didn’t get a chance to look for charging ports and purse hooks. They don’t serve food themselves but from what I understand there is usually a food truck out front on the weekends. They did have women’s cut shirts in a variety of sizes, which has turned into something of a mission for me, so that was nice to see. All around, the pricing wasn’t crazy so it would make for a nice night (or day) out if you are in the area.

Order Beer here.

For a relatively new brewery, Fetch seems to be making a name for themselves in their community. I’ve enjoyed trying the samples at the beer festival and couldn’t be happier to stop in and see this taproom thriving. There is no doubt about it, Fetch is happening!! Don’t believe me though, go see for yourself.


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