Brewery: Cedar Springs Brewing Company (Cedar Springs, MI)

Nestled in northern Kent County, about twenty minutes north of Beer City USA, is a brewery that is quietly making excellent beer. This is not news to the natives of Cedar Springs, MI, a small town of about 3,500 people because their hometown brewery, Cedar Springs Brewing Company, was packed with people of all ages when I visited this weekend.

Chosen because it was off the beaten path, Cedar Springs Brewing Company gave me a healthy combination of German tradition AND the beers that everyone is after these days in craft beer land.

The brewery boasts two beer brands – Küsterer Bier and CSBrew House Brews, which made things a little confusing when I was looking over the beer menu. The waitress clarified that all beers were made in house, and that Cedar Springs Brewing Company wanted to have a little something for everyone.

As the menu states, the Küsterer Bier line is in honor of Christoph Küsterer, the first German brewer in West Michigan. He began brewing in the area in 1845 and his family continued his traditions until 1945. The brewery was continuing his legacy by naming all traditional German beers after him on Untappd to clarify which brand people were drinking from.

The CSBrews line provided popular American beers and other trendy styles that people would be seeking.

I was faced with a difficult decision when I was asked “What would you like to drink?” so I went with a flight in order to sample a few from each brand.

Every single beer I sampled was dynamite. Everything was balanced, flavorful, and had a mouthfeel that very few breweries in the state have. A quick glance over the menu showed that all but two beers had under 50 IBUs. Most of the beers were in the 20s and 30s. This is ideal because its accessible and not polarizing and there is a beer for everyone on the menu.

If you are not into beer, Cedar Springs Brewing Company also offered cider, sangria, and their own line of pop, Old Cedar Creek Sodas.

The layout of the brewery was ideal with long tables both inside and outside, along with a few booths for smaller parties. The food menu was similar to the beer menu – German traditions and American pub classics.

From the posters on the wall and the active Facebook page, it looked like Cedar Springs Brewing Company has a ton of events throughout the week and weekend ranging from Vinyl Nights to Car/Jeep Nights to live music. In addition to beer and food, the brewery has a ton of merchandise for sale including shirts, hats, and their Old Cedar Creek Sodas by the bottle.

It was a beautiful drive to Cedar Springs, so I’m looking forward to coming back and/or checking out Cedar Springs Brewing Company at a beer festival to see what else they are brewing up. If you have not been up to Cedar Springs Brewing Company, you need to ASAP!