Brewery: Cadillac Straits Brewing Company (Madison Heights)

Dry January continued for me with a trip to Cadillac Straits Brewing Company for kombucha and root beer. It is the first brewery in Madison Heights and they opened for business this past summer. I have been into their welcoming taproom a couple of times for their quality beer. I noticed a post on their Facebook page about their kombucha and decided to take another trip to try it along with their food.

There was one kombucha on tap, Blackberry Blueberry Lemon Ginger. The combination of several flavors piqued my interest. The kombucha had light flavor and I mostly tasted the blueberry. All of the flavors worked together for a refreshing, smooth taste. Overall, it tasted like a sweet, juicy fermented tea.

I am beginning to see kombucha’s place as an important option at a brewery. It is a handcrafted drink that I hope more breweries will start to experiment with. It is an option for both non-drinkers and drinkers who like to try different flavors.

I also tried a pint of the root beer, which was delicious with a hint of vanilla. It tasted like a classic root beer and was another great brewed drink option.

Cadillac Straits has a delicious looking menu that offers several snacks, salads, flatbread pizzas, and sandwiches. I tried the soft pretzels with homemade Tough Eddie’s Beer Cheese and stone-ground mustard. The cheese was warm and the mustard was spicy. It was tasty.

For my meal, I had the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza. It was a crispy flatbread with house BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, cherrywood smoked bacon, red onion, and a blend of four kinds of cheese. It was incredibly good with a ton of flavor. It was so good that I am craving it again.

If you are still participating in Dry January, head to Cadillac Straits Brewing Company at 27652 John R Road. The kombucha and root beer are tasty non-alcoholic brewed drinks and the food is wonderful.

They also have an attached home beer and winemaking supply store. The homebrew store is a one-stop-shop with several varieties of yeast, hops, and grains. An online order form can be used to request what you need and it will be ready for pickup. The supply house hours are 10am until 7pm during the week, 9am until 7pm on Saturday, and 9am until 4pm on Sundays.

Cadillac Straits and their suppy store are closed on Mondays. Weekday hours are 3pm until 10pm. They are open until midnight on Fridays. Saturday hours are 11am until midnight and Sunday hours are 11am until 10pm.


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