Brewery Review – Batch Brewing Company


Brewery: Batch Brewing Company (Corktown, Detroit MI)

The best thing about a quest to visit every brewery in Michigan is the opportunity to visit a lot of really cool places. With over 125 checked off on the list so far, I would say I’ve gotten to visit a whole lot of them. Sometimes you aren’t really feeling it and other times you feel at home right from the start. There are places you just plan to check off and move on and places you go out of your way to go back to (like when they tap Snickerdoodle porter – I’m looking at you Arclight!). You will always have that one. Whether it’s the beer, the people or whatever reason you decide to go with, there will always be that one place that is your immediate go to when people ask, “Which Brewery is your favorite?”

We didn’t want to miss Oktoberfest so we came directly from the airport…after a 4 day beercation!
Trick or Treating for adults

I was going to avoid writing about my favorite because truth be told, I’m not sure I can write an impartial review. The excitement that Batch Brewing Company generated before they even opened was crazy. Maybe it is because it’s in my favorite part of Detroit. Or because I kept running into the guys as they were gearing up to open. Maybe it’s because they have the best sandwich in the entire world on the menu. Or just maybe it is because they know how to make some damn good beer. Who knows? Whatever the reason, they caught my attention, and have managed to keep it ever since.


The reason I decided to highlight Batch is because of a visit over the weekend. When I got there on Saturday it was already busy, which I expected. What I didn’t expect was for busy to explode into insane so quickly on a random Saturday night. There were no special releases or any of the fun events Batch is getting really good at putting on, it was really just a random Saturday. When I say insane, I mean a wedding party showed up with what seemed like the entire guest list busy. I’m not sure if they were actually having their reception there, but it sure seemed like it.

What absolutely amazed me was the sheer number of people willing to wait in a line wrapped around the taproom for beer and 45 minutes for food. (I told you.. that sandwich!!) Part of the reason that everyone was willing to wait, was they knew that what they were going to get was going to be worth it. The other part was the way the staff handled the situation. They had to have been SUPER stressed out, but you really couldn’t tell. They handled their business, cracked some jokes and did what they needed to do. I seriously hope that others noticed and tipped them well that night, because they earned it! All week long that visit has been running through my mind, so I put the other reviews on the back burner & here we are.

From the Hatch Detroit days to standing room only on a random Saturday night just four years later they are proving every day that beer does in fact make you happy. You can see the pride in what they do just by looking around the Brewery. It’s in the work (most of it done themselves) that they have put into the building; its in the incredible food they serve; and it’s definitely in the beer they are brewing.

Brewery 8 on the #OperationMiBrew quest.
Feelgood taps are popping up all over Metro Detroit

Haven’t been to Batch yet? Head on over to Corktown and grab a pint of whatever the Feelgood tap is. Talk to your neighbors while you are there. It IS encouraged after all. Don’t panic when you use the restroom. (Even if the lock says occupied, someone is bound to test the handle anyways.) Don’t expect someone to bring you a beer, as it’s an order at the end of the bar situation. Try a flight, because you will definitely find a few you like. And for the love of God, come hungry! Seriously Chef Matt has an amazing menu put together and you have to try something. The house made pretzels are to die for, the pasty or the arancini of the day is always a solid choice. Oh and have I told you about that sandwich yet? It doesn’t really matter what you pick, it’s ALL good. So what are you waiting for?


Ps. If you try nothing else to eat go for the Ribeye Bolillo. Best. Sandwich. Ever.