Brewery: Arclight Brewing (Watervliet, MI)

Most of the time I get recommendations for new breweries to try out by word of mouth. I was on a west side beer, I mean Lighthouse, trip one weekend, sitting at the bar at The Livery chatting with the Bartender and trying some delicious beers, when a fellow patron suggested I check out Arclight Brewing while I was in the area.

Since it was only 15 minutes out of our way, we decided to give it go. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. We were starting to think we missed it when we spotted the gigantic BREWERY sign down the road, calling to us like a lighthouse beacons a stray ship in the night.

No. Really. Props to whoever thought of that!

The building used to be a car dealership so there is plenty of space. Of course, we cozied up to the bar and proceeded to order a flight that included almost everything on tap. We started trying the beers and the impossible happened. For the first time in our beer travels, we fought over who was going to get which samples out of the flight. The main point of contention? The Snickerdoodle porter. This tasty treat with a cinnamon and sugar rim job is the adult version of Moms home baked cookies. Good flavors, not too sweet, seriously delicious. Lets just say our afternoon plans to take pictures of the Lighthouse in Holland turned into sunset photos. Best. Detour. Ever.

We have since upgraded to flights of our own… No arguing here

Since then I’ve made it a point to take a trip to Water Vliet (oddly enough it often coincides with notices that Snickerdoodle porter is back on tap) a couple of times a year. I’ve tried quite a variety of the beers there and have not been disappointed yet. Their Soursmith series is nothing short of amazing. If sours are your thing, I highly suggest making the trip. Actually, I suggest making the trip regardless.

just check out some of those beers…

There is a ton of room, so even at peak, there is usually a place to sit. While, I’ve yet to try it, the patio space looks amazing and I’ve heard they allow dogs on the front patio as well, so there is no need to leave Rover at home!  Every time I have been there is a great selection of beers on hand. The only downfall is the lack of food. (Well, and the distance from my house, but hey, it’s not always ALL about me.)  When you go, remember to bring your own food. Plan to stay awhile. Oh, and plan to bring some beer home for me. (Hey, it’s worth a try!)

By Wendy

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