Hard Cider Review – Blake Hard Cider Co. – Grizzly Pear


The last few years there has been a huge demand for gluten free beer like substitutes. Because of that, the hard cider market really took off. I make it a point to try a “craft” cider whenever I get a chance. I’m not usually a huge fan of most of the hard ciders I try, some are too sweet. Grizzly Pear, however, does not disappoint.

The color is light and bubbly. The carbonated bubbles are dancing around in the glass. The way it looks reminds me of the sparkling apple juice we serve our kids around the holidays.

The smell is strong but i don’t smell apple or pear. It actually smells like a cold glass of chardonnay.

With the first sip, the taste is crisp and cool, like a granny smith. It is dry and definitely not sweet. This cider might look like a child’s drink but it definitely taste like an adult beverage. As I sip it, I begin to taste the pear. With each sip the subtle notes of the prickly pear become more noticeable. Infusing it with elderflower was a nice touch.

The name Grizzly Pear caught my eye. The sarcasm on the can sealed the deal “reading labels makes you a more informed person”.

Its a refreshing drink. It’s not at all sweet or heavy and at 5% ABV I could definitely enjoy a couple of these on a hot summer day. I have found a gluten free cider that i genuinely enjoyed. Whether you want to be gluten free or not, Grizzly Pear is definitely something to try.



  1. Being gluten free the last 2 years, I too am looking for something to drink that tastes like a beer, not apples. I tried the Grizzly Pear a couple months ago and LOVED IT!! While I am not a big drinker, several years ago a six pack of MGD lasted several months, I missed having a beer with certain meals. This fills the bill for me! I will certainly continue to drink this.