Beer Tour Guy


I would like to formally introduce myself to you. I am Steve Johnson, small business owner, author and lover of all things beer and biking. Since 2009, I have been running Motor City Brew Tours, which offers guided tours to breweries within Michigan. Over the past eight years, we have taken more than 20,000 people to 75 different breweries and 30 beer festivals across Michigan. Every tour, like every brewery, is a little different. I feel fortunate to run a small business that is tied to my passions in life, beer and biking. This business allows me to regularly sample new beers, visit new breweries, explore different parts of Michigan and hang out with some pretty cool people.

Through regular blog posts and also a soon to launch podcast, I plan to share some of my tour experiences, insights into the craft beer and biking communities, and the trials and successes as a small business owner. I hope to entertain you and maybe even inform you in the process. Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for more writings from “Beer Tour Guy.”

– Cheers from Steve Johnson