Hard Cider Review – Uncle John’s Cider Mill – Apple Hard Cider

“This cider isn’t perfect but it’s perfect RIGHT NOW”

Brewery: Uncle John's
Style: Hard Cider
ABV: 6.5%
7 Stars

I ran my first ever 5k this weekend at Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St Johns MI. I won’t bore you with the details like my time, if I finished or fell into a manure pile, and if that was actually me who ate a dozen donuts and passed out in the kiddie area.

Luckily, our reward for running so, so much was a glass of Uncle John’s Apple Hard Cider! It looks pretty lovely, a nice pale yellow like a white wine. Since it’s a semi-sweet it has a very light apple scent and frankly, that’s about it.

Since this cider is all about the apple action, it really shines through in the taste. The apple gives it a tart and tangy tickle in your mouth. There is also a very light citrus taste but that’s basically the theme of this drink. Light! It’s almost like drinking an apple layer cake. The bottom layer has a delicate apple flavor and the top layer is air.

It’s a pleasant enough cider. It’s definitely more dry than sweet but not un-refreshingly so. It’s not a sandy dry and it won’t give you desert-mouth. This is a good summer drink for those who are not into overly sweet fruit drinks but are looking for something bracing on a summer day. That’s a little specific but that person will be over the moon!