ABV: 4.3%
8 Stars

I feel like I’ve seen this horse around a lot lately so I decided to dive on into an Oatsmobile Ale. Also, I like the name.

I may be a little over the line but I do not like the color of this beer. Is is a muddy orange brown. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in and maybe I’ve given a pass to an uglier beer but I am just not into it. The carbonation is great though, so there’s that! I love me some tiny bubbles.

This is a very “hay is for horses” beer. You get notes of “meadow” or “field”. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a fact. It may be the oatness. It gives a very farm quality. Are you following me on all these references? I think it reminds me quite a bit of a wheat beer or maybe a saison. It has a light and earthy taste although there is definitely some spice.

Overall it’s a nice beer. It is quite tasteful for only being 4.3% and I would choose this over a number of session IPAs. There’s a very nice carbonation which gives is a perky, spunky texture. I would say this is a great beer to drink many of in the summer. I mean sure, that’s any beer but this one won’t make you pass out as quickly.

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