Style: Porter - American
ABV: 5.7%
9 Stars

Halloween may be over, Oktoberfest may be over, but there is still plenty of fall left to enjoy, including a crop of beers sure to please any palate.

The first “pick” of the bunch Saugatuck Brewing Co‘s Peanut Butter Porter. Back in my day there was a delightful commercial advertising the peanut butter cup candies. Because really, how many times have you been strolling down the street, enjoying an entire jar of peanut butter and bam! – someone with a chocolate bar smashes into you. Happens all the time! And, fortunately, it also happens in beer.

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The deep, rich brown porter pleases the eyes, offering a creamy beige head. This creamy beer hits you with roasted peanut and finishes with smooth notes of chocolate. The nose reminded me of the Nutter Butter cookies, a long time favorite of mine.

My husband, Ken, and I stumbled on this beer by accident. On the way to a Halloween light display, we attempted to check out a couple of brewpubs along the way. Thanks to reduced capacity and it being a Saturday night, we found ourselves unable to get in. The internet was more than happy to find “beer near me” and led us to Brown Iron Brewhouse near Royal Oak Beaumont.

With 64 beers on tap, I knew I had to get a flight. I got beers I had sampled before but added the Peanut Butter Porter from Saugatuck based on my fabulous experience with their beers in the past (especially the Neapolitan Stout). The brisket burger I ordered went well with my dark beer flight. I ended the meal by getting a second small pour of the porter for my dessert.

In the spirit of our next fall holiday – I’m thankful that Saugatuck got its chocolate into its peanut butter.

Disclaimer: Patti purchased this beer for her review.

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