Brewery: Old Nation Brewing Company + Rake Beer Project
Beer: Lazy Rake
Style: IPA - Sour
ABV: 7
7 Stars

It’s crazy to see how much of a difference a year makes, right?

One year ago, brewer Josh Rake was waiting on several licenses for his brewery, Rake Beer Project, when he hosted a sneak peek to the future brewery space. He also took to the road to brew collaboration beers with Speciation Artisan Ales, Big Lake Brewing, and downtown Muskegon neighbor, Pigeon Hill Brewing Company.

Now with his brewery open with the beers flowin’, he headed back to his last employer, Old Nation Brewing Company, for a collaboration beer called Lazy Rake.

To the best of my knowledge, Lazy Rake is only available in Williamston at Old Nation’s taproom. This sour IPA is sure to turn heads in mid-Michigan as Old Nation has saturated the tastebuds of their customers with a portfolio full of hazy New England IPAs led by M-43.

Lazy Rake had a very sharp nose and was extremely acidic upfront. Once I got to sipping, the beer settled in and the hop-forward characteristics of an IPA appeared. The backend of the beer was citrusy.

There are supposed to be notes of coconut, but noticing this is always difficult for me with the Sabro hops that this sour IPA was brewed with. I only pick up on all the rich tropical flavors.

The beer leans more toward the sour elements rather than a hoppy party in your mouth that IPAs tend to bring. For drinkers new to IPAs or sour beers, Lazy Rake is an excellent gateway to both. It’s drinkable over the course of a lazy afternoon or evening with room to have a few.


Disclaimer: Ed purchased this beer for the review.

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By Ed Norton

Edwin "Ed" Norton was first introduced to craft beer when his designated fraternity Big Brother Vince asked him if he knew anything about the topic. Ed admitted his ignorance and the rest is history as Ed and Vince would split six-packs of craft beers each week during Ed's probationary status. Ed is now a craft beer enthusiast who is always on the lookout for a beer he has not tried when bottle shopping or drinking at breweries and bars. In addition to drinking beer, this livelong Michigan resident enjoys a bunch of hobbies that he doubts you really care about, other than drinking beer and sounding off about it.

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