Style: Stout - Milk/Sweet
ABV: 5.5
8 Stars

When you see an open door, head inside!

That’s exactly what I did when I stopped by Crooked Pecker Brewing Company earlier this fall on a trip to Cleveland, Ohio. I, like many others, thought the name was catchy and humorous, so I wanted to see what was going on.

The brewery was not open at the time, but was set to open later that week. Owner Scott Stewart was happy to show me around and talk beer. I’ve been keeping Crooked Pecker on my radar ever since.

Photo Credit – Crooked Pecker Brewing Co

When I was able to get my hands on a few of their cans, I was impressed by their can art. Each was consistent and not slapped onto the can, there was a sort of matte finish on the labels, and each label was unique. The Liquid White can was subtle with the silver on white lettering and images.

Once I popped open the can, a rush of strong, dark coffee met my nostrils and I knew Liquid White was going to be a good one. The beer poured well and settled quickly. Each sip was full and complete.

This sweet milk stout is solid as it received an 8 out of 10. It is brewed Heartwood Coffee‘s Old River Dark Roast cold brew which adds a chocolatey note to the roasty coffee taste. The stout isn’t too sweet and it is, dare I say, crushable at only 5.5% and 28 IBUs. Perfect for stout season. It goes well for a bottle/can share as a warm up beer or a break beer in between potent ones with strong adjuncts or barrel elements. It is also an excellent companion for upcoming holiday parties.

I reached out to a few locals about Crooked Pecker and their beers. Jim Rosenhosely was quick to comment that whenever he stops by after work or to pick up cans the place is always filled. He also said that “all the beers at Crooked Pecker Brewing Company have been solid.”

Photo Credit – Crooked Pecker Brewing Co

I am looking forward to stopping by Crooked Pecker Brewing Company again in the future to have Liquid White on draft and to see how the brewery is doing!


Disclaimer: Thanks to the crew at Crooked Pecker Brewing Company for sending Ed a few cans of Liquid White to taste and review.