Note: The review below was written by Chaz, our newest blogger, at Better on Draft.

This past summer while basking in Northern Michigan, I needed Mother Nature to cure my horrendous hangover. I threw on some trunks, grabbed a towel and hit the beach to soak in Torch Lake before having to make my trek home. Looking for something carbonated but with zero sugar, a familiar face from one of my favorite breweries, Lagunitas Brewing Company, caught my attention. Upon further investigation, the beverage was Hoppy Refresher, “an IPA-inspired refreshment that’s zero-alcohol, zero-carbohydrate, and zero-calorie.” I grabbed two and headed off to the beach.

Toes gripping cold sand, I took one long sip and continued to slam the entire bottle. The wonderfully weird thing about this beverage is the mouthfeel. Hoppy Refresher has the body of a beer, is strikingly hop forward, and has all of the taste but none of the ABV. This beverage seems a little over carbonated and the hoppiness is a bit artificial tasting but all of that doesn’t take away from how awesomely unique this product is.

I am not participating in Dry January, but this would be a great hop substitute for those who are not wanting to drink 0.0 beers, which are sub-par in my opinion. This beautiful beverage provides a real refreshing hoppy feel that will leave you feeling good as hell this Dry January.