Brewery: Sherwood Brewing Company (Shelby Twp, MI)

The Detroit Draft Divas recently invaded Sherwood Brewing. Now truth be told, every time I think of Sherwood, I picture a forest and a lot of green and maybe a fair maiden with a bow and arrow. Maybe it’s my love of Robin Hood. Maybe I’m just weird. It could honestly be either. Regardless, what I found was an inviting taproom, a fantastic selection of beer and some Macaroni and Cheese to die for.

I’m familiar with Sherwood’s beer thanks to The Michigan Brewers Guild Beer fests and was already excited to see the Hibiscus Saison on Tap. Since there were about 10 of us there, most of whom ordered samplers we were able to try pretty much everything on the board that day. My favorite was the 10th Abbeyversary Ale followed closely by the Wildflower Saison. Something to note was that they had a Pumpkin Bread Ale that was a big hit among the girls.

sherwood-brewing-reviewOne of the highlights of our visit was a tour through the Brewhouse led by Ray Sherwood. I personally enjoyed the attention to detail during the tour and his obvious love for what he is doing. The pride that they take in the product that they put out and the impact they have in the local community and the environment around them left a huge impression on me. From the size of their footprint to the use of a filtration system that truly allows them to call their beer Vegan, I guess you can say that I found a little bit of green after all.

Located in the Hayes Shopping Center in Shelby Township, Sherwood Brewing is celebrating 10 years of Obnoxiously Unpretentious Beers (Don’t look at me… That’s what it says on the website) this year. I don’t know about all of that, but I do know that there is a little something for everyone since they have Beer, Wine, Ciders and hand-made soda available. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Nice, I’ll have to check them out. I think I’ve only ever had their brews at the MBG Beer Fests. Would be nice to sample it from the source, along with some Mac & Cheese of course.