Brewery: Glasshouse Brewing (Ann Arbor, MI)
Glasshouse Brewery

A beautiful fall day, with nothing pressing on the to-do list is a perfect excuse for a visit to a couple of new breweries. Coming from the craft beer wasteland, that means a road trip. Or in this case, a side trip on the way home. The first stop was Glasshouse Brewing. Open just a few months, Glasshouse has already had its share of press, both good and bad. In my research, the good focused on the beer while the bad focused on business practice. Since I doubt that I will never know the actual truth in that battle, I decided to put it aside and make my own decision.

Hidden in the back of the Diamond Glass and Feiner’s Warehouse, the entrance is through a gorgeous patio. The taproom is spacious and open and there are a number of large screen TVs so no one would miss that important game. As someone who likes to belly up to the bar though, I couldn’t have been more uncomfortable. The height of the bar let me know it was built for looks not comfort. I mean I’m already short enough, add a tall bar in and now it’s just a pain. But the beer was good. I didn’t see a whole lot of the experimental brews they talk about on their Facebook page, but the styles were definitely solid. I tried the Saison and had a pint of the porter. I probably would have stayed for more, but the bartenders were too busy chatting up people they knew. I tend to make a lot of stops on my own since it’s often on my way home from work, so the friendliness of the workers and even the other patrons play a big part in my opinion of a brewery. The taproom was beautiful and the beer was good. I can see some of my friends hanging out on the patio in the evening, but it never really hit home for me. That meant I was on to the next stop at Pointless Brewery and Theatre.

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