Style: Strong Ale - Cocktail
ABV: 8
8 Stars

Eastern Market Brewing Company (EMBC) shook things up for the Detroit Fall Beer Festival last month in their backyard at Eastern Market. They were the only brewery to withdraw from the annual Michigan Brewers Guild festival in light of the fallout with Founders Brewing Company.

EMBC’s beer Dees Bees Knees was listed as the number one choice on The List – 20 Beers You Want to Try at the Detroit Fall Beer Festival (2019), and was moved to honorable mention with walking directions once their announcement was made to withdraw.

I was unable to make it out to the brewery during my coverage of the festival, so I was thankful when one of the assistant brewers at Eastern Market was able to grab me a crowler of the beer I wanted to try the most.

Dees Bees Knees was a collaboration brew with Eastern Market Brewing Company’s neighbors, Detroit City Distillery. The beer was cocktail-inspired and utilized honey Bees in the D, a rooftop garden project EMBC has partnered with.

It was also one of the beers in this year’s Detroit Beer Experiment (DBE). DBE was founded in 2015 and, according to their Facebook page, invites Detroit breweries to “collaborate on a changing beer theme and craft a beer adhering to said theme.” The 2019 theme was cocktails and Dees Bees Knees fit the bill no matter where it was located.

I found this blonde ale to be an easy drinker. I was shocked when I learned the ABV was 8%; sipping on this could get dangerous. This brew was sweet from the honey and there were strong juniper notes at the end which led to everything tasting like juniper.

Eastern Market Brewing Company continues to make delicious beers and this one was an accurate cocktail-inspired beer that was very similar to an actual bees knees.


Disclaimer: A big THANK YOU to Alex from Eastern Market Brewing Company for hooking me up with this beer!