CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: Mark DeFrank and Eric Briggeman join us from Rochester Mills / Two Roots to talk about the trend of NA Beer, the buyout of the Rochester Mills production facility, and discuss the award winning Two Roots beer and it’s future in Michigan and across the world.

00:00- Introductions
05:00- Rochester Mills Acquisition
07:30- Pitch to Drink NA Beer
11:30- Winning Beer Medals
13:15- CBD and Other Drinks
15:50- NA Beer Michigan Laws
19:27- Dealcoholization & Different Styles
25:38- Review New West IPA
27:38- Michigan Market Trends For NA Beer
31:01- Favorite NA Beer (Non Two Roots)
33:12- Future Distribution Goals
40:39- On Premise Trends For NA Beer
46:10- Final Questions

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A craft beer fan since 19, used to look for your non-regular beers on frequent trips to downtown Windsor with friends, at 21 Ken basically took over an entire refrigerator with monthly visits to Merchants. With 5 years of podcasting prior, Ken decided to create the brand and show Better on Draft in the spring of 2015, and began creating his dream of a beer-centric website that wasn't too full of itself. He now runs the board and does a lot of the back office stuff while the show goes on, keeping everyone in line, and the beer flowing!

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