Better on Draft 207 – Nick the Brewer


We go over the life and death of Black Lotus and the last five years with him as the head brewer, what changed, and why the sudden closing.  We learn where the hardware from Black Lotus went (hint, previous guest on Better on Draft), and Nick updates us on his other fermentation work he’s been doing as he looks for a new home to brew.

We try his gin he made with Detroit City Distillery and we discuss a bit of news including the hype that is Pliny the Younger in bottles and we do a short dive into the black market of bottle reselling and what brewers feel about it.  Want to learn more about that conversation and what we referenced, check episode 149 with Drafting Table to see what they thought of their beer going for over $200 on the black market.

Nick is one of our favorite guests to have on the show because he’s very opinionated but cares about the industry that he loves and wants to get back to that, so if you’re looking for a brewer that can brew you award winning beers, slide into his DMs on Instagram @NickTheBrewer

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