Thursday, October 1, 2020
Better on Draft Podcast

Better on Draft Podcast

Better on Draft 219.5 – Interview with MI State Rep Michael Webber

We brought in Rep Michael Webber of Rochester Hills to chat about the HB 5781 (https://www.billtrack50.com/BillDetail/1230932) and how easing these laws would allow for...

Better on Draft 103 – We Love The 90s

Last minute cancellation and everyone attending GABF, Rob, Matt, Nick, and Ken begin to break down the news of the week, both beer and...

Better on Draft 112 – No Guests but All Fun!

With no guest in studio, the five guys, sans Angela, were able to get through it talking about the beer industry, what they've learned,...

Better on Draft 104 – Halloween and Beer

Matt, Ken, and Angela start off the show talking about Halloween parties, beers to drink, and go over some news to see if flights...

Better on Draft 086 – Great Lakes Brewing Co

Great Lakes is in the house, and Ken got some Holy Moses!!! Download This Episode

Better on Draft 110 – Eastern Market Brewing Co

The studio for Episode 110 is the fullest its ever been! Eastern Market Brewing Company joins us in studio for the second time. We...

Better on Draft 136 – Baffin Brewing

Joe D comes in from Baffin to discuss 90’s hip hop, their introduction into distribution along with starting up distilling. We talk about the...

Better on Draft 164 – @TheBrewLocker

Beerstagram star @TheBrewLocker joins us to talk about her foray into craft beer, gives us a social media lesson, and a surprise appearance by...

Better on Draft 168 – Zane Lamprey

Zane Lamprey calls in to chat about his travels, we call him out for never coming to Michigan for any of his...

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New Michigan Beer Labels (October 2020)

TTB approved Michigan beer labels for October 2020 featuring Austin Brothers, Bell's, New Holland, Pigeon Hill, Short's, and more!

The List – Hard Seltzer Summer Round Up (2020)

Ed wraps up Hard Seltzer Summer with his final thoughts and rankings of the 50 hard seltzers he tried during the summer of 2020.

Hard Seltzer Summer – Founders Brewing Co – Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzers

Founders Brewing Co is sticking to it's "Brewed for Us" mentality with their Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer.

Beer Review – Copper Hop Brewing Co – Old Old Wooden Ship

Copper Hop Brewing Co's Old Old Wooden Ship is a solid cream ale with a subtle touch of ginger that rounded out an excellent summer of beers!

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