On a steamy day in May 2021, I left work to meet a friend for a drink at Oak Park Social, a new restaurant on 11 Mile and Greenfield. We never made it in because we were beckoned inside the forthcoming Dog and Pony Show Brewing, a couple of doors down. We sampled their new beers amid last minute construction debris. Just over a year later, on Saturday, June 11, I celebrated the first birthday of this vibrant, fun, and talented local brewery with several hundred other thirsty craft beer lovers.

Dog and Pony Show has a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. Not only was it the first microbrewery to open its doors in my beloved city of Oak Park, but in August 2021, Detroit Girls Pint Out held its first in-person meetup there after a nearly 18 month hiatus due to COVID-19. The Gierada brothers have built something incredible and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the first birthday party.

With our tickets, we were gifted with fun First Anniversary merch, including a t-shirt and a silicone pint glass (pink for me, obviously), limited edition beer releases, birthday cake, food trucks, live music, and the general pride of being part of something special.

Wandering around the brewery and parking lot, it was heartwarming to run into other beer friends, including the great Zach Clark, who was enjoying the sun with Hop Runner’s Michael Groebe. My friends and I got hugs and handshakes from each Gierada brother, too. Everywhere I looked attendees were complimenting the beer releases and digging the live music. Even the staff and volunteers were having a great time  by pouring pints through the pick up window and petting the dogs up for adoption through Do Only Good Rescue.

It’s only been a year, and Dog and Pony Show Brewing has become a fixture in the Metro Detroit beer scene. Since Oak Park was a dry city until residents voted otherwise in 2012, it’s awesome to see such a loving response to the brewery from locals and visitors alike. As a resident of Oak Park, beer lover, and supporter of craft breweries being on every corner, I can’t wait to see what Dog and Pony Show do next.


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