Beer Review – Yuengling – Black and Tan (2017)

Style: Black and Tan, a mix of Porter and Lager
ABV: 4.7
5 Stars

I’ve picked on this beer this week out of respect for a friend.  Eddie doesn’t often go for the hoppy, bitter stuff that most craft beers end up being and he’s a big fan of Yuengling, so for my friend I thought I’d try one of these and see how it comes out

I admit to having to do some research on just what a Black and Tan is.  There are a few brewers that try to get fancy with how they describe them, and if you read too much of that stuff you’ll just end up like I did ….. Wondering just what is a Black and Tan beer.  In the end it seems pretty simple a mix of something stout and something not so stout, in the case of Yeungling a mix of a Porter and a Lager.  Continue to read the brewers sites and you’ll hear all about their efforts to use only the best Porter and the best Lager they have to combine into their version of Black and Tan.  I seriously doubt that’s the case for every single brewer; given my knowledge of the foodservice industry (I have a degree in Culinary Arts and used to run kitchens for a living) I’d suspect that some brewers take their less than satisfactory leftovers and combine them into something they can sell.

I can’t tell you that Yuengling does this, but I can tell that this beer is not half bad.  It definitely hits my number one criteria: it’s drinkable.  Now ….. Beyond that?  Candidly, very little perceived flavor, no bitterness to speak of, the carbonation disappears in a heartbeat, and in the end it tastes a little bland.  There is flavor, but nothing that knocks your socks off.  And the unfortunate coup de grace – kind of watery tasting.

So … Eddie: more power to you man, if you like Yuengling and it suits your taste I’m very happy for you man, in fact will buy you a six to go along with the Tequila.  But it’s not for me.  Not enough flavor, not enough body, not enough personality to anything more than a thirst quencher in a pinch.