Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 8.0
9 Stars

I was introduced to Unity Vibration at the Fall Beer Fest and what a pleasant introduction it was. I am always fascinated by breweries who do something different. They brew Kombucha and add hops to allow it to ferment into wonderful beer. If you’re not a big drinker I would absolutely advise that you try the Kombucha, which has only about a 1.5% ABV. It’s like fruit teas, bigger, sexier cousin.

I really can’t believe how odd this smells. It’s a strong rotten fruit smell. You don’t exactly have to hold your nose to drink it but I wouldn’t advise a big whiff. Spoiler alert, the taste is much more pleasant than the smell.. It’s also very very fizzy which is always intriguing to me.

This beer hits me in a number of my weak points. Unique flavor? Check. Tasting as advertised? Check. Full flavor? Check. High alcohol? Almost there… The point of this is to say that this beer may not appeal to you as much as it appeals to me. There’s a nice, tart citrus flavor. It’s very fruity so it will be a big pass for those who are not into fruit. There’s a smell taste of tea around the edge which, with the bitterness of the hops, makes a nice balance for the sweetness of the blood orange. This is a solid tasting fruit beer.

This is an excellent choice for vegans, people with gluten allergies, and those who love fruit beers. I am working on getting into sours and this is a nice bridge. It’s not nearly as sour as most but there is a definite tartness. Overall, you shouldn’t feel like you have to “settle” with this beer as a vegan, you can grab it without hesitation Even as a carnivore like me can find a lot to enjoy!

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