Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7%
7 Stars

If you find yourself in Campus Martius park in Downtown Detroit on a nice summers day, you really should check out The Fountain. It’s a new pop-up type restaurant with really really tasty fries. Seriously, I ate so many fries. Also there’s a beach! What’s not to love?

So to celebrate a day at the beach-ish, I decided on a nice and summery beer. Frankenmuth Brewery’s Tangerino IPA is an incredibly beautiful beer. I don’t know if it was the brilliant summer sun or what, but what I do know is that I could stare at it’s beautiful orange-ombre for hours. It didn’t have a very strong smell but it was in the biggest, wide-mouthed plastic cup you’ve ever seen which I’m sure doesn’t help.

This beer is definitely for IPA fans. I know tangerine is in the name but you get quite a bit more hops than fruit. There’s a bit of a citrus tang but overall I didn’t find it fruity, or sweet enough. It’s a bit acidic, though that makes sense with the citrus but it would be nice to have more sugar to balance it out. There are definitely hints of orangey goodness but the ratio is a bit off.

Maybe I have unrealistic expectations of the combination of tangerine and IPA but the blend wasn’t really there. Solid IPA, it just didn’t live up to the name.

One thought on “Beer Review – Frankenmuth Brewery – Tangerino IPA”
  1. Tangerine + IPA sounds like it would be a good combo if done right. Sounds like this one needs to pump up that tangerine jams.

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