Beer Review – Tampa Bay Brewing Company – Reef Donkey

Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5
8.5 Stars

Another Florida beer ….. We may be on a roll, we may not but this one was recommended by a bunch of friends so I thought I’d give it a swirl.  I’m glad I did, it turned out to be a very enjoyable APA that I will try again someday.

Since we’re in the midst of an impending hurricane, I’m concerned that the beer I’ve chosen for this week references a donkey – a jackass if you will, which I may be for riding out this storm.  The Amberjack, a game fish, is referred to as a Reef Donkey and that’s how the Tampa Bay Brewing Company came up with the name.  Since they have a few other well-named brews ready for me to try and this one was good enough, I’m sure I’ll try a few of their other beers.

The beer pours out a nice golden color, with a just enough body to tempt you to ask it to the prom.  The head is very white and sticks around to remind you that you’re drinking a beer, with lacing that sticks to the side of the glass.  

This is another dry hopped ale, something I’ve offered mixed reviews on before, and this one comes out sharp, crisp and a bit dry – it finishes dry like a fine wine.  The malty smell and taste is a sharp and bitter but somehow manages to remind you that it’s ingredients could offer a taste of sweetness as well.  Nicely complex beer that please and surprises.

I could drink a bunch of these – they go down easy and taste good, leaving no unpleasant aftertaste just a pleasant memory.  Try one …. You’ll be glad you did.