Style: Wheat
ABV: 4.9%
8 Stars

It’s been a long winter for us Michiganders. Today we got a taste of spring. While the kids grabbed the sidewalk chalk I decided at 4:37 that it was close enough to 5 o’clock. I wanted a beer that tasted like the slow approaching summer. I’ve been waiting for this type of day to enjoy Tailgate Beer’s Watermelon Wheat.

The color is glorious. A golden hazy color like the afternoon sun. The smell is sweet. With a deep sniff you can immediately smell the watermelon. As the watermelon fades you are left with the warm aroma of wheat.

Now the taste…. It’s a light wheat taste with the sweat flavor of watermelon settling in on the back end. It’s the watermelon flavor that lingers leaving you wanting more.

With another sip it’s the watermelon flavor that brings me back to my own childhood chomping on watermelon bubblegum. As I sip it slowly I notice the watermelon becomes more prominent but it’s nicely balanced out by the warmness of the malts. The two flavors together make for a perfectly balanced and refreshing warm weather drink.

It was the picture of an old pickup truck plowing into a watermelon on the can that enticed me to buy a six pack on a recent trip to Nashville, TN. At 4.9% it’s the perfect opener to a weekday afternoon.

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