ABV: 7.2%
8 Stars

Do you ever have that problem where people come to your house and they leave all their beer? No? Just me? OK, apparently I have badass friends.

I decided to try Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace. It has a nice summer-yellow color like amber waves of grain. The bottle claims that it has aromas of lemongrass and I can go for that. There are definitely citrus smells and it makes for a pleasant nostril experience.

It really does taste like a nice, fresh saison. I feel like saisons have a flavor that range from bread made from Fruity Pebbles to cotton candy that’s been dropped on the ground a few times but this beer is more dry and lemony than that. There’s almost a sparkling quality to it. It’s bracing and fruity with many many bubbles. It tickles all the way down! Tee hee!

It’s a pleasant beer and an especially pleasant Saison but I don’t find myself craving more. It’s solid and very drinkable for 7.2% but I don’t feel that I’m crying out for another. It leaves your mouth with an odd fuzzy feeling like your tongue is wearing a felt hat. I can give it a solid recommendation but it’s not going to change your life.

5 thoughts on “Beer Review – Brooklyn Brewery – Sorachi Ace”
  1. Man, this was sounding like my perfect beer right up until

    “It leaves your mouth with an odd fuzzy feeling like your tongue is wearing a felt hat.”

    I’ll try it anyway, but that’s weird.

  2. Saisons usually taste like a musty potato cellar full of yeast to me, but I’ll give this a go if I ever run across it. I know it took me a while before I was able to appreciate IPAs so I’m trying to expand my horizons a bit by giving saisons and sours a fair shot.

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