Style: Double India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.2%
8 Stars

I went to Batch Brewing Company to help a friend drink away a recent breakup. Truly, I am a noble and giving soul. Batch has a nice homey, intimate feeling, which is good for a bar. They also have the softest napkins west of the Detroit.

This beer is on the darker end for a double IPA and it has a nice copper color. There really isn’t much of a smell! I really had to get in there to get a good whiff. It has a pleasant spice to it but that’s about as far as I got. I had to stop before someone started to wonder if I didn’t know which face hole beer goes in.

This beer feels nice and effervescent in your mouth. It has a nice clean and crisp taste and a relatively smooth finish. I prefer to have a strong hop flavor with a cool clean finish and this beer comes very close but it’s not quite as strong or clean enough to reach perfection. It is very mild for 8.2% though! Do you like IPAs? You will like this IPA!

I thought about rating this beer a 7 but the pleasant and fresh taste belies a sinister 8%. If you can hide a lot of alcohol from me I have to give you a point for sheer cojones.

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