Style: Stout
ABV: 8%
5.5 Stars

Randy Marsh and his band of Confederate reenactors needed a little extra energy and alcohol to continue there brave and historically inaccurate conquest of Colorado.  They turned to the power of S’mores Schnapps and its ability to get them blasted drunk.  Short’s has thankfully spared us the Schnapps part, but left us with S’more Stout.

The S’more Stout pours with a thin mocha head that quickly dissipates with no lacing.  The aroma is strong, sweetened chocolate with a hint of smoke.  The color is dark, like coffee with a hint of cream.  The flavor has quite a bit of chocolate, with a sweetness that I think is supposed to be marshmallow.  The beer has a nice smoky finish that reminds me of a camp fire.  It has a nice medium body for a stout, but the sweetness helps it go down a little easier.

I was not wowed by this beer.  It is certainly a passable beer worth drinking but the individual elements of a s’more do not come together in a distinct way.  Maybe that’s a good thing as I’m not sure I want to blend up some rum with a freshly made s’more.

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