Style: Amber ESB
ABV: 5.9%
6 Stars

I was recently in Orlando on vacation and was able to try some wonderful Florida beers.  Sadly, those beers are unavailable in Michigan, so I figured I talk about Short’s Autumn Ale, which is a seasonal release.  Combining what seems like a standard amber ale with the earthy hoppiness of the Extra Special Bitter style.

This ESB pours medium amber head and has distinct aromas of malt, bread, and caramel.  It’s easy drinking with very little lacing.  The Autumn Ale has a hazy, amber, caramel hue to it and has a relatively low level of carbonation.  Its flavor is predominantly amber malt, but is balanced with a nice earthy and herbal hoppiness.  It finishes dry with a slight caramel flavor.

Short’s Autumn Ale is a good representation of the Amber style which is balanced with some hop flavors characteristic of the English ESB style.  It is perfectly sessionable, without really blowing you away.  Save it for Sundays while you’re watching football.

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