Style: Imperial Porter
ABV: 7.3%
7 Stars

As I’ve said before, there is very little better than beer and board games. How about a Star Trek board game and Shmaltz Brewing’s Klingon Imperial Porter (in collaboration with the Federation of Beer)? Make it so!

This is a really good looking beer. Nice and dark with a fluffy head. It also smells great, very roasty and malty. I think it’s a pleasant touch that, when seen in the light, the beer is a deep red, like the blood of one’s enemies.

Overall this is a decent beer. It has a pleasant sweetness and finishes with a touch of bitterness which is very pleasing. Unfortunately there isn’t a great depth of flavor. It feels very top heavy in the mouth, with a nice blend of malted and slight toffee flavors but it doesn’t round out your whole mouth. It just leaves me feeling a bit unsatisfied. While they may not be as bad as licensed video games, licensed beers have yet to blow me away. Licensed board games, on the other hand can be pretty good!

The Star Trek novelty will pull more people into trying this beer and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. The presentation is great here and the beer is certainly enjoyable. It’s no Romulan ale but you can safely drink this and enjoy! Live long and prosper!

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